‚ÄčOnline Music Library: For each concert, please print your parts. If you CANNOT print your own music, send e-mail to Stephanie, our librarian, to request that she provide you with a copy of your part.

If you prefer, you can write a check, payable to Eastside Symphony, and submit it to Jeff Evans.

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The majority of our funds come from individual donations, and your financial support is critical to cover our expenses in renting the performance hall and rehearsal space, purchasing and renting music, etc.  As such, we encourage each orchestra member to donate $40 per quarter for three quarters (fall, winter, spring), or $120 per year. You can choose to donate a different amount, but please support us to the extent you are able.


Rehearsals for the 2017-2018 season run every Thursday evening (7:30-9:30, Redmond High School band room) from:

  • September 7 through December 7, skipping November 23
  • January 4 through May 17, skipping February 15 and April 5

Employer match?  If your employer matches employee giving, please submit a matching gift request when you make your donation.


At the start of each concert season, please fill out one of the following: